TWO 4″ Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Vinyl Die Cut Sticker

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Two 4″x3″ vinyl die cut sticker for the price of half of one.

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Why so cheep?
I’m not crazy happy about how this sticker turned out.
I don’t feel comfortable charging the same price as my other stickers that I love.  So, lets do Two for $1.99 and get these out into the world. Next round I will pick a different printer and hope they do a better job.

What’s wrong with them?
They are just kind of darker than I was hoping and the matte printing doesn’t do it any favors..

Would I stick them on anything?
Heck yeah, one is on my car right now!

Oklahoma sure has it figured out when it comes to state birds.
The Scissor-tailed flycatcher is beautiful and elegant with its scissor tail and peach armpits.
Now you have the chance to have a 2-D representation of this stuck to whatever surface you want.
Bagels?  Sure.  Laptop? OKAY!  Pets?  Probably don’t do that.

This Sticker is 4″x 3″ and printed on strong matte vinyl that will resist the effects of sunlight, water and scratches.

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