Edge Coffee Art Show

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have a new art show at Edge Coffee in Beaverton, Oregon.
Show runs 5/2 – 8/1  so you have a bit of time to get down there.
It would be awesome if you could make it down there.
Great bird watching is half a mile away at Beaverton Creek Wetlands / Tualatin Hills Nature park.
Make a day of it.

If you would like to buy a print please let me know, I have prices and sizes listed below each image.  Prices include frames.

A - Flight - 8x10Want your very own hummingbird guardian?
Someone to eat your spiders?
Potion: 1 part sugar + 4 parts water
Hang outside
Say “This is for hummingbirds”
Poof! Hummingbird spell complete.

Female Anna´s Hummingbird
$65 8×10

A - Annas - 8x10In this hectic world
A bird has just got to take a moment
To take a big breath in
And stretch all the way out

Male Anna’s Hummingbird
$65 8×10

A - babies - 5x7Babies crying incessantly
In the form of cute lil quacks
Mom needs a break
Just let the quacklings play in the yard

Mallard Ducklings
$40 5×7

A - Owl - 4x6
His name is Rocky
Though he probably doesn’t know it

Burrowing Owl
$20 4×6

A - Bluebird - 5x7A dutiful father
Watches patiently
As the mother of his children
Does all the work

Western Bluebird
$40 5×7

A - Crow - 8x10Walking to the market
On his one day off.
Mr. Crow creates a mental shopping list:
Fresh loaf of crusty bread
A wedge of stinky cheese
A bottle of red wine (or two).
Tonight is going to be special!

American Crow
$65 8×10

A - Finch - 5x7Blessed be thy seed eating angel
Who hovers by our side
And sings so sweetly
May you find a tasty morsel
And avoid predation

House Finch
$40 5×7

A - phalarope - 12x12It’s important to self-reflect
Otherwise, you are a vampire.

Red Phalarope
$120 12×12

A - Meadowlark - 5x7Hey Kids!
Wanna make some questionable life choices?
Yeah, I thought so.
I’ll Help.

Western Meadowlark
$40 5×7

A - Heron - 8x10
My Ugliest Photo
Chosen to enhance the beauty
Of all of the others
Please don’t buy it
Get the Phalarope photo!
And follow me on instagram

Green Heron
$65 8×10

A - Owl - 12x16You come to the forest
To seek their wisdom
But they only respond
“Who cooks for you?”

Barred Owl
$120 12×16

A - Wren - 12x12
Hopped up on hormones
Belting birdsong through the forest
Shakin’ that booty
Ladies form a line

Pacific Wren
$120 12×12

A - Varied - 5x7Missed Connection: m4b
I was on a walk
You were sunning yourself in the grass
I smiled and took your photo
You posed and flew off
I think of you often
Coffee sometime?

Varied Thrush
$40 5×7

A - woodie - 12x16Duck modeling contracts
Usually include a rider
Dictating demands for day old bread

Wood Duck
$120 12×16

A - Grossbeak - 8x10Birds of the wizarding community
Secretly gathering materials
So they may cast spells from the treetops

Evening Grosbeak
$65 8×10

A - Pelican - 5x7
A young foolhardy trio

Earning a living as fishmongers
Though aspiring to something greater

Brown Pelican
$40 5×7