Neighborhood Birding 101

Neighborhood Birding 101 by Seymore Gulls

An Identification Guide to Washington, Oregon, & Northern California’s Most Common Neighborhood Birds

  • 158 Beautiful Photographs of 110 Common Birds
  • Fun & Clear Bird Descriptions
  • Ducks, Raptors, Little Brown Birds & Migrants
  • Tricky Species Compared:
    • Purple vs. House Finch
    • Cooper’s vs. Sharp-shinned Hawk
    • Crow vs. Raven

Early readers are saying:

  • “Wow! Thank you so much for creating this. Just what amateurs like myself need!” – Gloria Blaine
  • “Thank you, I’m new at this and your ID markers make sense to me!!” – Tina Graham
  • “These guides are so darn helpful!” – Linda Glenn-Barham

A bird guide for everyone:

Large photos combined with clear and concise bird descriptions make this book the perfect entry point to learning more about our common neighborhood birds. Each of the 110 bird species found in the book has distinguishing field marks pointed out in addition to some fun facts and observations.
Similar birds are grouped so that it is easy to look back and forth and study their differences.

Neighborhood Birders:

Neighborhood Birding 101 is for you if you want to learn to identify common birds of the West Coast.

When compiling my list of birds I focused on those most frequently sighted west of the Cascade Range from Canada all the way down to Eureka, California.

I focused on birds found in parks, fields, ponds and small wooded neighborhood areas.

This guide will help you identify all the birds that come to your feeders or that you see on your neighborhood walks.

“My young son is eagerly anticipating the book. He has me show him your latest id guides every morning before school.” – Emily Crossen Page

About The Author:

Seymore Gulls is a Portland, Oregon based photographer and birder. He first started birding in January of 2012 and his love for birds and photography has grown ever since.

Seymore Gulls loves to teach people about nature and when he isn’t birding he leads interpretive kayak tours where he enjoys talking about Oregon’s history, and also birding…

He is the proud father of an inside only cat, and husband of an indoor/outdoor wife with whom he loves to go on adventures.

He’d love it very much if you pre-ordered his book now.

Neighborhood Birding 101 by Seymore Gulls

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