A Year in Film: Week 6

Week 6.  I’m still doin’ it!  This week the goal was to fill the frame.  It was recommended that you either get real close, or you zoom.  My camera can’t focus closer than 3 feet and has a fixed lens, so zooming with my feet was the only possibility, and taking photos of small things would simply not do.

I thought, I would just take photos of statues.

Then I took one photo of a statue, took one photo of a building, and then I considered it done.


f4 1/250

I saw the sun hitting this, saw that it was big, and saw that it was a feather…
Seemed like a no-brainer.
It definitely fills the frame.
It is just abstract enough to be interesting.
I like the symmetry, pretty okay.


f8 1/125

Alright, I filled the frame 2 times.
Great job me!
I like the boxes inside of boxes. The shadows also make boxes.
Turns out, shadows help make photos interesting.
I really love the window.
I maybe should have just zoomed in on it?


f11 1/125

We went from Hood river all the way up to Mt. Hood.
Trying for a landscape shot.
It is important to have an interesting foreground for landscapes.
I think the dead trees work.
From this angle, that mountain doesn’t even look that big.
Although, this photo may work better in larger print.
Those 2 tiny dots below the right tree are people snowshoeing.
So that ads a nice sense of scale.


5.6 1/500

For this photo I was trying to get just three elements.
I messed up by getting the hills in the bottom third.
I still like the photo, but think it could be cleaner if I tried a little harder.
This is an interesting case where I should have just set my camera on the ground instead of use a tripod.
I even jammed my tripod into the snow, but it wasn’t low enough.


f4 1/500

This sculpture is called “In the Treetops.”
It is right in front of a Buffalo Wild Wings.
What you leave out of the photo is often more important than what you include.


f11 1/125

Light at the end of the parking tunnel.
This photo isn’t that exciting.
But I like the setting.
It is lacking somehow.
It could use another exciting element to the photo
Or it could be simplified somehow.
It would be more interesting if it wasn’t just pavement at end of tunnel…


I went to my parent’s house to see their chickens.
I showed them my camera, ended up doing something weird,
And we ended up with a double exposure.
I have since learned how to do this on purpose.
Though, I think this turned out perfect.
Jenny is framed by Jenny and my mom.
It shows the process of gathering chickens as well as posing with them.
I like it.
I may try an entire roll like this in the future.

f11 1/125ish for all chicken photos.

For film settings, I just set it once and then didn’t really look at it again
This whole chicken photo series happened in about 10 minutes.
I’m pretty happy with composition on this one.
Both chicken model and human model have their eyes open.
I’d like the background to be a little blurrier, but, I am happy that my lovely model is in focus.
If this was a real serious photo shoot, I would have had an assistant off camera with a reflector dish bouncing light at my model´s face to lessen the shadows, though I am happy with the result regardless.


O I like this one a lot.
My father, the chicken whisperer.
I really like the framing of the tree in the background
Also, he looks so happy.

One thing that is tricky about film scans
Is the color of the scanned film is inherently yellow/orange
There is a surprising amount of color correcting I am having to do
And I haven’t figured out a way to make it consistent yet.
With a few more rolls to draw from, I will probably be able to set up a macro,
But in the meantime, the photos hue/color/temperature are going to be a little variable.


Pensive Jenny and Chicken
I don’t have much to critique
I think the light is nice and I really like the chicken pose.
maybe would be slightly better if I adjusted my location so the pile of brown on the left wasn’t in the shot.  Overall though, I like it.


I was enamored with this chicken
It is so poofy,
But I dont really like this photo
Too much dirt, not enough chicken.
I’m fine with the weird pose and angle though.
Would be better if I were closer.


I got closer
And I really love this photo.
I like the chaotic framing with the chicken in the foreground
I like being on this side of the fence
I love the chicken model
I was also inspired by my friend Cody to make this a bit of a self portrait.
Also, the shadow could symbolize so many things.
Hand-turkey; me waving hello;
the chicken being trapped and foreshadowing for it being grabbed or pet
I think it makes the photo substantially more interesting and pleasing.

Though I would love to know what you think.

Week 7 is this weekend, and it is going to rain.  I find myself chasing the light or looking for more interesting light and colors recently, more than I am looking for interesting subjects.  The challenge is called “zoom burst” but that isn’t something I can do, so I am still undecided on my theme… I will figure something out!


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  1. I prefer the photos natural light the reflectors that are used change what you actually see I think they’re fine for formal portraits but I prefer the imperfections and the Shadows in most photos

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