A Year in Film: Week 6

Week 6.  I’m still doin’ it!  This week the goal was to fill the frame.  It was recommended that you either get real close, or you zoom.  My camera can’t focus closer than 3 feet and has a fixed lens, so zooming with my feet was the only possibility, and taking photos of small things would simply not do.

I thought, I would just take photos of statues.

Then I took one photo of a statue, took one photo of a building, and then I considered it done.


f4 1/250

I saw the sun hitting this, saw that it was big, and saw that it was a feather…
Seemed like a no-brainer.
It definitely fills the frame.
It is just abstract enough to be interesting.
I like the symmetry, pretty okay.


f8 1/125

Alright, I filled the frame 2 times.
Great job me!
I like the boxes inside of boxes. The shadows also make boxes.
Turns out, shadows help make photos interesting.
I really love the window.
I maybe should have just zoomed in on it?


f11 1/125

We went from Hood river all the way up to Mt. Hood.
Trying for a landscape shot.
It is important to have an interesting foreground for landscapes.
I think the dead trees work.
From this angle, that mountain doesn’t even look that big.
Although, this photo may work better in larger print.
Those 2 tiny dots below the right tree are people snowshoeing.
So that ads a nice sense of scale.


5.6 1/500

For this photo I was trying to get just three elements.
I messed up by getting the hills in the bottom third.
I still like the photo, but think it could be cleaner if I tried a little harder.
This is an interesting case where I should have just set my camera on the ground instead of use a tripod.
I even jammed my tripod into the snow, but it wasn’t low enough.


f4 1/500

This sculpture is called “In the Treetops.”
It is right in front of a Buffalo Wild Wings.
What you leave out of the photo is often more important than what you include.


f11 1/125

Light at the end of the parking tunnel.
This photo isn’t that exciting.
But I like the setting.
It is lacking somehow.
It could use another exciting element to the photo
Or it could be simplified somehow.
It would be more interesting if it wasn’t just pavement at end of tunnel…


I went to my parent’s house to see their chickens.
I showed them my camera, ended up doing something weird,
And we ended up with a double exposure.
I have since learned how to do this on purpose.
Though, I think this turned out perfect.
Jenny is framed by Jenny and my mom.
It shows the process of gathering chickens as well as posing with them.
I like it.
I may try an entire roll like this in the future.

f11 1/125ish for all chicken photos.

For film settings, I just set it once and then didn’t really look at it again
This whole chicken photo series happened in about 10 minutes.
I’m pretty happy with composition on this one.
Both chicken model and human model have their eyes open.
I’d like the background to be a little blurrier, but, I am happy that my lovely model is in focus.
If this was a real serious photo shoot, I would have had an assistant off camera with a reflector dish bouncing light at my model´s face to lessen the shadows, though I am happy with the result regardless.


O I like this one a lot.
My father, the chicken whisperer.
I really like the framing of the tree in the background
Also, he looks so happy.

One thing that is tricky about film scans
Is the color of the scanned film is inherently yellow/orange
There is a surprising amount of color correcting I am having to do
And I haven’t figured out a way to make it consistent yet.
With a few more rolls to draw from, I will probably be able to set up a macro,
But in the meantime, the photos hue/color/temperature are going to be a little variable.


Pensive Jenny and Chicken
I don’t have much to critique
I think the light is nice and I really like the chicken pose.
maybe would be slightly better if I adjusted my location so the pile of brown on the left wasn’t in the shot.  Overall though, I like it.


I was enamored with this chicken
It is so poofy,
But I dont really like this photo
Too much dirt, not enough chicken.
I’m fine with the weird pose and angle though.
Would be better if I were closer.


I got closer
And I really love this photo.
I like the chaotic framing with the chicken in the foreground
I like being on this side of the fence
I love the chicken model
I was also inspired by my friend Cody to make this a bit of a self portrait.
Also, the shadow could symbolize so many things.
Hand-turkey; me waving hello;
the chicken being trapped and foreshadowing for it being grabbed or pet
I think it makes the photo substantially more interesting and pleasing.

Though I would love to know what you think.

Week 7 is this weekend, and it is going to rain.  I find myself chasing the light or looking for more interesting light and colors recently, more than I am looking for interesting subjects.  The challenge is called “zoom burst” but that isn’t something I can do, so I am still undecided on my theme… I will figure something out!


A Year in Film: Week 5

Week 5. Oh what was week 5 again?  California two roll double feature!  I think there was a theme, like repeating patterns or something like that… I maybe took it into consideration, but didn’t want to be too restrictive on my photos.

These rolls of film were scanned by me, then digitally edited in Lightroom.  I probably went through the editing process about 4 times – this is tricky!  I started editing them like I would my bird photos, but that really detracts from the magic of film, so I restricted my editing to just the exposure, highlights/lights, shadows/blacks, and temperature correction.  I didn’t play with the contrast, clarity, vibrance, tone curve, or split toning like I normally do.  This is more or less “au naturel.”

Well enough technical talk, lets look at those photos!ROLL5001-2

f16 1/60

Uh oh, my first photo is the best one of the roll.
Its like when Chumbawumba makes an entire album but the best song is just the first track…


f8 1/250

That little speck in the top left corner is a guy on a bike.
I like the little valley; feel like composition is interesting.
It is just that the color seems a little off to me.
Too green?  It was soooo green though, this one proves difficult to deal with pre and post editing.


f16 1/30

What a happy little tree
Turns out I love Oak trees.
California is a pretty good place for them.
These first hilly oak photos were taken in a place called Coyote Canyon.
When doing landscapes the goal is usually to have distinctly separate layers.
I feel like this photo is almost there; I think this oak tree just needs a little bit of room to breathe on its crown.
If I were able to take the photo from a few feet higher, I’d be able to separate it from the smaller trees in the background and it would be a very good photo.


f16 1/125

This photo was tricky because I was shooting in the shade, but it was very bright on the hill.
Film is very impressive at how much detail it captures in the shadows, so I tried to expose for the sun and hope the foreground would retain some detail.
It did!  I really like this photo a lot (except I forgot to crop the black frame of the negative)
I love the path going from the bottom and then continuing on the hill in midground
I love the framing of the shadow and the little tree and white cloud framed in the center.
I am pretty happy with this one!


f22 1/60

I took this photo because the light was hitting the grass in a really nice way.
After looking at the photo, I don’t think this translated as well as I wanted it too.
Framing of oak and shadows is okay, composition is okay, just not exciting.


f16 1/8

Photo taken in shade with no real interesting light.
I took the photo because I like the separation of the little trees,
though the ones on the right are a little busy for my liking.
Trail has some nice lines, but what it is missing is good lighting.


f5.6 1/250

Our second day in the bay area we went to Santa Cruz.
As I was waiting for my “California Omelette,” I noticed how nice the light was hitting this plant.
The sun-rays make for an interesting photo, as does the decor,
Though I am kind of torn on this, just because the subject is functionally just a potted plant.
One of the most important lessons I learned from this journey is how delicious avocados taste in California.


f5.6 1/250

This fisherman almost immediately started telling us ghost stories
I asked if I could take his photo and he said he wasn’t a “Wanted Man” so it would be ok.
He was nice, and I am really happy with how this photo turned out.
I need to just take more photos of strangers,
But they are hard to approach.
But I am usually happy with results when I do it.
I need to be brave.
B+ photo


f11 1/60

The fisherman told me this boat was haunted.
I like the colors of this boat; the splash of red at the bottom.
This photo gets obvious bonus points for having a bird in a corner.
(This may be the reason I took this photo).
I think this photo is okay, it doesn’t really tell a story, you can’t tell it is haunted.
But… I am okay with composition, and it is a reasonably interesting subject…
Not incredible, but not terrible.


f16 1/250

Is this photo Cliché?
It must be, because I like it a lot.
Things it has going for it:
It has 3 objects, odd numbers are pleasing.
Rule of thirds (nothing is directly in the middle)
Framing: the middle palm is framed by the outside 2
Nostalgia: it reminds me of how warm and nice Santa Cruz was.
Things going against it:
Uhhh… I don’t know, being critical of your own work is hard sometimes…
It might have been good if I did f22 and tried to get everything in focus


f16 1/250

I like this a bit, though I bet this photo has been taken thousands of times.
I like that the rocks leads in a reverse c shape
I like that there are cormorants and a gull throwing its wings in the air
This photo could be more interesting if it had a long exposure and the waves were smoothed out and ghostly.
Also, the angle isn’t that exciting; you can’t really tell there is an arch.
This photo is okay but nothing special.
The horizon at almost half with a boring blue sky was probably a mistake
Framing/composition could use some work on this guy.


f16 1/250

This was a bit trickier photo of the same arch rock
I set up the camera and waited for a human to occupy the gap between the two rocks.
I knew it would be mostly a silhouette because I was shooting into the sun.
This photo has some pleasing blur/glare/lack of sharpness due to the sun reflecting straight into the lens.
Composition seems pretty strong. I like the repeating lines of sand/water/rocks.
I think this photo is pretty good.


f11 1/30

This is a eucalyptus tree and it smells amazing (though you can’t really tell digitally).
I thought the light was hitting this tree in a nice way and I liked the texture of the bark.
And the smell was great too.
Now looking back at this photo though, I don’t really think it is that exciting.
Light and texture are there, but not really sure how I feel about the subject.


f8 1/125

Bubble guys!  These guys had big buckets and made even bigger bubbles.
It was a difficult scene to capture
Though I do like the composition
It is nice to have subjects doing something in frame
And having an object lead you across the frame.
I don’t really like that I cut off a person on the left… A little more in or out would be better.

ROLL6003 (2)

f8 1/125

I tried again when the kids had gathered.
I am glad I waited a few minutes and tried a second time because I like this one better.
Kids having a good time.
I also like it a little further back and having the bubbles against the trees makes for a bit of a better composition.


f8 1/60

Before the wedding we headed to IN-N-OUT
We were greeted by a pre-Quinceanera party.
This girl matched the restaurant’s theme perfectly.
She was also happy to let me take her photo.
I also like the kid in the back left.
I am happy with this shot, though shooting into the sun and having the face be in shadow makes the photo a little less crisp feeling than I want.
Overall, pretty good though.


f8 1/60

This photo is okay.
I think the photo I should have got is the kid in the black jacket and glasses playing the drums.
He has a sweet mullet that you can’t really see.  I should have just gotten closer.


f8 1/125

I took this photo mostly for the cool Palm tree
But thought it would be enhanced by a model.
I love Jenny’s glasses and her shadow in the bottom left.
I also like how the shadows play on her dress just highlighting her face/necklace/and bracelet.
We practiced posing a lot with a cell phone first, and I am happy with how this turned out.

My last photo in CaliforniaROLL6009

f2.8 1/15

Well this photo was a mistake
I mean, I took it on purpose, but I was tricked by taking cell phone photos out the window.
I don’t think I focused this one when I took it.
I don’t like it at all, muddy colors, out of focus, not crisp, not interesting.
Oh well, can’t all be winners.


f8 1/60

Back in Portland
I have driven by this structure a lot and it fits my alternating pattern theme that I neglected in California.
I thought the most interesting angle would be from underneath.
It is pretty interesting, though I don’t really like the white sky above…
I should have waited for clouds or underexposed or something.
It has potential, I may try again in the future.


f8 1/60

I loved the clouds and sky and wanted to take their photo
But then I thought just a photo of clouds wouldn’t be interesting enough
Well then with that logic this is very interesting.
And also disjointed and chaotic feeling.
Is it bad? Is it good? Is it art?
Yeah, probably.


f12 5.6 1/125

This was more of a proof of concept photo
I had rushed photos previously where the subject was out of focus and wanted to try again.
Moving objects are difficult.
On this one I had to lower the aperture so the shutter speed could be high enough to stop the action and not blur.
Though with a smaller aperture I have a smaller window where the subject will be in focus.
So I pre-focused my camera for the little bike on the asphalt and did my best to take a photo when the cyclist was right over it.
Not incredible photo, but it was crisp, so I am happy with that.


Overall, California photos are very pleasing to me, I feel like I am improving, and I am still having a really fun time.

I just did a chicken photo shoot, and some other random stuff for my next roll of film, so look forward to that in our next episode.

I appreciate all of your comments and feedback in whichever forms you give them to me.  Thumbs ups, shares, comments, I love it all. Thank you guys for reading!

A Year in Film: Week 4

And what a week 4 it was!  All of these photos were taken January 28th.  I got through a whole roll in one long day and I was very proud of myself.

The original goal for this week was “Wildcard, photographer’s choice.”  I chose to try to get some nice landscape type photos out of Forest Grove.  This worked for a while, but it is hard to always see a good photo, especially 12 in one general location… So after a while I headed back into Portland.

Another thing I should mention is that this would have been done last Friday, but my favorite photo store’s printer broke, so I ended up buying a scanner.  So all of these photos are now painstakingly scanned by me (wow, it takes more effort than you would guess, like 10 minutes a photo).


f16 1/30

I like the reflections a lot,
The flooded road is interesting
But light isn’t incredible
Pretty dull, nothing really pops.
Passable photo.


f22 1/30

My friend Michael Cavanaugh  and his Northwest Topographics series continues to inspire me to take photos of buildings.
Especially this building.
I like the lines from the railroad track
I like the way the white cube sits on the green grass
Though I wish the green grass and that line was a little more prominant
Pretty happy with this one.


f16 1/125

The goal of this photo was to get an interesting tree silhouette
The tree shape is interesting
Though the photo is less exciting than I thought it might be
This is a good tree though, it inspired me to try the photo from a different angle.


f11 1/125

I sure am glad I tried this from a different angle
So far, favorite of the series.
Love the strong yellow line and straightness of the road
Tree frames the barn and only other prominent item in photo well
Pretty pleased with this one
Though these road landscapes are kinda cliché… This road landscape is mine.


f8 1/60

This is my first self portrait.  You can tell if you look real close.
I like the colors
I like doors
I like that it says “Lust Dinner”
This photo is okay, though, again, photos of doors seem not super exciting,
it is interesting enough, and the sharpness of the photo pleases me.


f8 1/60

Another photo taken for the writing on the wall
I love the bacon art
Also the dumpster text is interesting.
When taking the photo I was waiting for the little kid in the bottom of the bus to look at me
I think composition in this photo is pretty strong.  There is a lot to draw eye around photo, but I think there is a bit too much sky.
Though I do remember moving my body to include a bit of the barrel and wall on the left.
Interesting enough, though light is kinda drab.


f/16 1/8

I felt so fortunate to come upon this
I had the photo all set,
Then I apparently got distracted by a guy who wanted to talk about how cool my camera is.
I remember waiting for a few minutes for people to clear the shot… I don’t have any idea how I got this person with the backpack in the frame.
It is a glaring error on my part.
They are also wearing a bright teal jacket which I de-saturated just because it makes me so angry… ughh… this photo… so much potential…
It is still pretty good, but it could be better.


f5.6 1/60

This car was interesting enough for a second photo.
This is solid and timeless and is in a no parking zone, so that is nice
It is just okay though.  Nothing incredible.


f22 1/4

I was losing light, but this cool sculpture came with its own lighting
Behind it is a tattoo place that used to be home to Portland’s Most Nobel Prize winningest scientist, Linus Pauling.
It’s the Alpha-helix
Oh yeah and there is a mermaid behind it
And I waited for them to open the door to get a photo of someone going/coming
Turns out… it was too dark, though it is nice to get a chandelier in there.
pretty ok/interesting photo.


f4 1/60

Well, when I took this photo, I wrote “three amigos”
Not a good sign.  I only see 2.5 out of focus amigos.
Street photography is going to be hard.
Moving objects are tricky, especially if they are not moving on a parallel plane.
I need to remember to be careful as I open up the aperture.
f4 leaves a pretty shallow depth of field.
Another question to ask, is would this photo be good if it was in focus?
Probably not, but it would be better.
Also, I don’t really mind the out of focus telephone pole on the right… This was purposeful, I’m reasonably happy with framing and composition actually, it just feels bad to feature a Mc-Minimums so prominently without receiving any compensation for it.


f2.8 1/30, forgot bulb mode, oops

I installed my cable release for this photo,
But then I neglected to change my camera settings to bulb mode
And I shot this night photo at f2.8 at 1/30th of a second.
The bottom, much better, photo was shot at f11 for 34 seconds.


WOW!  I love this photo!
I am very pleased to have such a good result come out of this.
Really pleased.

Good week 4 all things considered.  I think the main thing I learned from week 4, is if you find a good subject, feel free to work it a bit.  Don’t just take one photo and move on to the next thing.  See if you can frame it differently or compose your shot in a more interesting way, look at it from as many angles as possible to have a better chance of getting a good photo.

Week 5 I took two rolls of photos in San Jose for my long weekend trip.
These are coming soon!

A Year in Film: Week 3

Week three and I continue my photography momentum.  This week’s theme is “Quiet Moment.”  I tried to portray quiet moments with water, coffee, and birds, and books, with varying degrees of success.  It was a fun week though, and I am ultimately pretty happy with a few photos.

All photos this week still on Kodak Portra 400 metered at ISO 320.  29050001

f22 1/4

This sunset ended up being pretty good.  The purple of the sky and water and yellow of the sun are pleasing.
I also like the details of the trees on the sky.
Not super happy about the foreground reeds.
And photo feels like it is just slightly askew.


f22 1/2
The extra 1/4 of a second helped smooth the water out a bit

Thought it feels like this photo is even more of a tilt than the last on
The beaver eaten tree in the foreground is much more interesting than previous photo.
And it is nice that the reeds in the foreground do not compete with the reflection of the trees.
This photo would probably look pretty good edited, maybe like this:29050002

Edited in Lightroom.

29050003f11 1/60th
Can you spot the duck?
This photo, would not look good edited in lightroom
It feels  a little top heavy,
not much interesting is going on
Its all just green.
Though the lack of exciting things here really helps me find the quiet/relaxing theme.


F22 1/15

Exposure on this was a bit too long
The bamboo/willow looking plant at the top is a bit blown out
Also a bit top heavy
Would feel better maybe if this one included 2/3 plant 1/3 water instead of 1/2 and 1/2
To be fair, a duck tricked me into taking this photo,
But when I went to get the shot it swam away.


f2.8 1/60

This photo turned out pretty okay.
The subject is crisp and in focus
Framed nicely by adults
I like the rim lighting on the hair/heads.
Its ok that window is blown out, nothing interesting out there anyway.
A nice quiet family moment.


f4 1/30

Another nice quiet moment
Would be improved if the notebook she is writing in was against a solid background
I like the placement of the subject
There is interesting things happening in each corner
And the books make for a nice backdrop.
Would have likely been better at f2.8 so the background was a bit more blurred
And at 1/60th of a second so the pen was crisp.
Not a terrible photo.


f11 1/60

This is the best photo of the roll.
It is also exactly what I had in mind when I went downtown to get a quiet moment shot
I walked around this city of books 3 times before I saw someone sitting next to the window.
However; it was luck that this couple walked by.
Also serendipity that the books behind the reader transform into the building in the reflection.
And if you look really close over the walking man’s shoulder there is a yelling head.  I don’t know if that is real or a billboard or a book.
Overall B++


f5.6 1/60
Perhaps my second favorite photo.
Light coming from the window next to jenny is so nice
As are the greens and red in the corners of the photo.
The deepness of the black of her jacket is perfect contrast for the white of the mug.
And her hands make me laugh
I told her to drink like that though, so it is my fault.
I should have told her to tilt the handle so it goes straight up like a dorsal fin.
You live and you learn.


f8 1/125
Bird photos.
Sure bird watching lends itself to quite a few quiet moments in my life, but…
Man, bird photos are hard enough with a digital camera and a zoom lens, taking thousands of photos…
What was I thinking?
This goose is the best of the bunch
And it isn’t that good…
Although the thing that sets this goose apart from my other photos is that it is in focus.









f8 1/250
These photos are not good.
Not interesting landscapes.
Not good bird photos.
These were both taken while I was laying on my stomach
Leaning head over the water with my camera inches from the water.
This weird pose made for shaky/rushed type of photos,


f5.6 1/250

This could have been the best goose photo.
But instead it is a photo of gravel that has a goose hogging all of the attention.
I tried a film loading experiment
I didn’t actually think this photo was going to turn out.
I thought it was going to be blank.
So I was rushing this one as well.
Too bad, lighting is good, pose is good, eye catch-light is good.
It just lacks “critical focus.”

Ultimately, I got a few photos that I like a lot, and I always learn something new.  I now know how to load the film, so I should remove some problems.  I know that I need to slow down, make sure I have focus, and make sure I am close enough to my subjects to get an interesting photo.

I also learned that 1/60 of a second is pretty good for photos of humans and 1/30 for someone moving is a bit too slow.

Next week is another week where I get to pick my theme, so look forward to 12 more photos coming soon!

A Year in Film: Week 2

For the second roll of film this year, the challenge was “Full Manual.”  This is pretty easy since I am shooting on a 60 year old camera, so I just went for a drive up The Gorge with Cody.

I love how this project gives me a chance to be super critical of all my photos.  I hope I learn something from taking the time to critique each one. 26090001

f16 1/60
First photo of the day wasn’t really that exciting.
No clear separation between layers of hills, light not that great, no real subject.
I just thought the way the clouds were obscuring the peak was interesting.
That doesn’t really translate though.


f11 1/250
I pulled over just so I could take a photo of this van.
I love the one yellow hubcap.  The weird shape.
Moderately happy with the framing, the van is an obvious subject
It is in an interesting location.
f22 1/60th

I really like the light on the building on the bottom right
And the shadows hide some interesting cranes
Good layers and clouds.
Not a terrible photo, though it is missing something.
A Godzilla perhaps.26090004

f4 1/500
Best photo on the roll.
Codymon is looking crisp.
Good depth of field.
I like the framing, I am pretty happy with this all around.
What’s he lookin’ at?26090005

f22 1/15

The bright white spot is the sun.
It was making some interesting rays
But I obviously didn’t capture that.
Minimalist photo, and unexciting photo.
I like how the blue looks though.
Shot this whole roll metered at ISO 320, so that is a good note to self.


f16 1/30th

I messed this photo up.
I was rushing to get the lady in red in the shot.
But I accidentally shot at 1/30th instead of 1/60th.
This led to a bit of blur that I didn’t intend.
Though the blur isn’t as bad as the fact that I clipped the ice cream cone.
The ice cream cone is the best part.
Photo had potential, it could have been better with more patience and attention to detail.26090007

f22 1/15
This whole photo is askew.
As if the world is bending to the will of the tree on the hill
And not the other way around.
Another foggy/no good light/no subject/not interesting photo.
Note to self: stop shooting fog unless lit in an interesting way.26090008

f16 1/4

I wasn’t smooth with my shutter release and I bumped the camera.
This photo was ruined due to my error.
This weird Sears could be a lot better if I had a steady hand.
I am using a tripod, but I gotta be careful wit the slower shutter speeds.26090009

f22 1/4
I should have taken a step back.
The R being at very edge bothers me a lot.
I think I learned two important lessons this roll.
1. Fog/low clouds are hard to capture well
2. Don’t clip the subject of your photo/take more time composing the shot.


f22 1 Second

I really loved this scene, so I spent a lot of time on it.
I was careful to frame the sign and the door
I was careful to make sure the buckets of compost weren’t clipped.
This is a really weird restaurant entrance.26090011

f5.6 1/60th
Not exciting or interesting
If I take photos of people I have to get closer.
I also should maybe not use a tripod in the middle of the street.
If I worked on my timing the guy outside could be slightly more to the right.
That would make the photo a bit better.
But it really isn’t that interesting or great. 26090012

f11 1/15

Last photo turned out pretty okay.
I should have shot at f22 1/4 to smooth out ripples.
The color is pretty good, as are the branches of the trees to the right.
It is pleasing but not super exciting.

Overall I had a great day shooting photos, and I feel like I learned a little bit from the experience.  I really enjoy shooting film, and look forward to doing it all week.  I can’t wait for the next roll!

A Year in Film: Week 1

My goal this year is to shoot 52 rolls of Kodak Portra 400 film on my borrowed Hasselblad 500 C.  There are similar one camera, one lens, one film, one year projects, but this is mine, and I am going to do my damnedest to stick to it.

Each week will be themed according to the rules of Dogwood Photography.  There is also a group on Reddit that I will be submitting these to, though I am trying to work a week or two in advance just so I have time to develop my film.

There will be a lot less curation on these photos than on my bird photos.  Wanting to document my whole process and learning curve.  I am assuming there will be weeks where I get no good photos…

This week I also tested shooting all photos metered at ISO 200.
This is supposed to make them brighter/vibrant.

So. This week’s challenge/theme was photos of complementary colors.
The friendliest kind of colors.22840001

f8 1/30
This ended up being the second photo of the roll.  The first photo was lost to a loading error.  One of my many lessons I am assuming I will learn shooting 52 rolls of this film.
Blue/Orange and Green/Red complementary colors. 22840002

f16 1/8

For some reason I thought red and blue were complementary.
Meh… close enough.22840003

f16 1/8th

Some lady came out of the building to ask what I was doing.
I told her it was an art project.
Orange/Red and Blue/Green

f16 1/4

Goal here was to get a bit of car movement to actually make this orange/green photo interesting.
Though I do love the details the Hasselblad’s medium format give in the brick and the tree.

I may end up focusing more on pleasing colors/textures in the future.

f4 1/15

Red and Green booths really caught my eye
This place also has Street Fighter two.
El Burrito Loco #3 (My favorite neighborhood taco shop)
I learn here that if you shoot blue in the dark it just looks black.
I shouldn’t be surprised

f5.6 1/60

This woman perfectly matches this laundromat.
I learned another lesson here though:
I gotta keep my head up when taking photos.
3 seconds after she passed there were two women holding vacuums that walked by.
That probably would have been a better photo (shrug emoji)22840007

f5.6 1/30th

Happy about how vibrant this is.
Though it is pretty boring.
And slightly askew.22840008

f5.6 6ish seconds counted in my head

I just really love laundromats I guess.
This was supposed to be orange/blue, but the blue of the building went black.
You live, you take notes, you learn.

f5.6 and cable release malfunction22840010

f5.6 30 seconds

I took two photos due to the first not working the way I wanted.
I have a cable release that doesn’t quite work, so the first photo is probably 1/15
The second photo, the release triggered and didn’t fail,
so I was able to do a 30 second exposure.
Not really sure which one I like better.
The second one is growing on me,
seems a bit more interesting, and the wood texture is nice.
Also, it is better aligned in the frame.

Week 1 is done.  I sure learned a lot with one roll of film.
Let me know if you have a favorite photo!

Click Here for Week 2

Out to Sea


I went on my first pelagic trip ever
lookin’ for birds in the ocean
I rode in that boat on the left
Weather was perfect
Seas were a bit rough
It was a 10 hour tour
I only felt sea sick for 10% of the time


Red-necked Phalarope
Nonsensically small bird to live in the ocean
Weighs 1.2 ounces
Photo taken about 17 miles out
So tiny, how are they not food for everything?


Angry looking dinosaur
But not a dinosaur
A Rhinoceros Auklet
The little horn at the base of its beak gets bigger
Brings in all the ladies


Black-Footed Albatross
The main reason for the trip.
Oregon’s Largest seabird
With a 7 foot wingspan


Though one of the smallest Albatross species
The majority of them breed in Hawaii
Then they spend their winters in the pacific
The closest they get to us is 35+ miles off the coast of Oregon


Just waiting for strangers to boat by
And feed them popcorn
And maybe some beef fat
Though they mostly eat squid, fish eggs and plastic


They glide majestically over the waves
And have a very good sense of smell
Allowing them to find food from afar
But they can drink water whenever they want


They have a desalinization gland in their head
That pulls the salt out of the sea water they drink
And then a highly salinated solution drips out their nose
I love them.


This Albatross is being investigated by a South polar skua
Whereas the Albatross nests in Hawaii, these guys nest in the South Pole!
And they all winter far out in the Pacific


South polar Skua visits a gull
They are cleptoparasites
Literally parasites by theft
If they see gulls, terns, or fulmars with fish
They just bite them and shake them until they drop it


They also just kill and eat baby penguins.


In the foreground a smaller type of Skua
The juvenile Long-tailed jaeger
Inspecting a juvenile California Gull
These Jaegers also harass and steal food from birds
Though my understanding is that it is usually from smaller birds
Little bullies (I love anthropomorphising stuff!)


Buller’s Shearwater
I don’t really know anything about them
Other than that they are beautiful
Clean white pattern underneath
Outlined in black
This was a bird I wanted to see on the trip, but wasn’t a sure thing
I was very happy to see it


This is a Pink-footed Shearwater
not to be confused with Flesh-footed Shearwater
Who names these things?
The more common of the large shearwaters
Having to only fly from Chile, not New Zeland, to get to waters off of Oregon
Incredible journeys made by all


Last but not least
Northern Fulmars
They come in two flavors:
Dark morph, and Light Morph
Both salty.


These guys also have the desalinization gland
Though their nostrils are on the top
Their beaks appear to have been broken
then super glued back together by a child


They can live to be 30+ years old
And return to their same nest site every year
Though they don’t start mating until they are between 6-12 years old


I saw other birds too
But these are the best of the best photos
Taking photos with a super zoom lens
On a ship that is rocking very erratically
But I had a good time, and I would love to try again



Grand Finale
Humpback Whale Breaching
Doing Pec Slaps


Look at the barnacles on his chin!
like some weird goatee
These are called Coronula diadema
And it is a species of barnacle that only lives on Humpback Whales!
WEIRD, I guess kinda like a STI
But for whales


It is smiling!
You can see its baleen
And I think that little dot in the bottom center
That is its eye
I always take photos mid-blink


The whale was doing “Pec Slaps”
Just smashing its pectoral fins into the water
Making huge splashes
And we all loved it


A final Jump


And a final splash

The trip was incredible
The whale display may have been a once in a lifetime event
Though I hope that’s not true
I had a great time, got 13 new lifers
14 new Oregon birds, & 18 new Lincoln County birds
Oh yeah, and a majestic Humpback whale
Perhaps the best bird of the trip.




Macchu Picchu
Maybe you’ve heard of it

White-Bellied Woodstar

White-bellied Woodstar live there


Fanny Pack Model


Birth announcement ideas

20170617-_T9A0514My squad rolls pretty deep


Majestic Llamas of Ollantaytambo


Pretty standard form of taxi

black vulture square

Black Vulture’s fill the same niche in Lima as crows do in Portland


They are multiplying


No touching!


Trash Bouquet lovingly picked


Square Peg in a Square hole.


You come for the llamas,
You’ll stay for the quinoa soup


Human form of Pachamama
Goddess of Time and Earth


This is how see-saws work, right?


Photogenic preschool mascot

Andean Flicker

Andean Flicker


Mystery air plant


Peruvian Soccer Moms


Cuzco is the city of cool hats


In Peru you need four license plates
One for each side of the vehicle.


Celestial Gardener


Lots of random dogs in Peru
Not all as handsome as this pupper though.


Spot-billed Ground-tyrant


Puffy American Kestrel


Isometric building.
Hard to tell if constructing or deconstructing.


Stairs like ribbons


Best way to make money from fuzzy animals:
Charge people to take photos of them.


Parade Floats


Cusco is steep.


Play Hard.

Amazilia Hummingbird

Amazilia Hummingbird
Pretty Amaz-ing

rufous-collared sparrow

Most ubiquitous tiny bird
Chestnut-collard Sparrow

spectacled redstart

Spectacled Redstart



Torrent Tyranulet

Cutest birds of peru
Torrent Tyrannulets
They move in little groups
They are just little puff balls.

Edge Coffee Art Show

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have a new art show at Edge Coffee in Beaverton, Oregon.
Show runs 5/2 – 8/1  so you have a bit of time to get down there.
It would be awesome if you could make it down there.
Great bird watching is half a mile away at Beaverton Creek Wetlands / Tualatin Hills Nature park.
Make a day of it.

If you would like to buy a print please let me know, I have prices and sizes listed below each image.  Prices include frames.

A - Flight - 8x10Want your very own hummingbird guardian?
Someone to eat your spiders?
Potion: 1 part sugar + 4 parts water
Hang outside
Say “This is for hummingbirds”
Poof! Hummingbird spell complete.

Female Anna´s Hummingbird
$65 8×10

A - Annas - 8x10In this hectic world
A bird has just got to take a moment
To take a big breath in
And stretch all the way out

Male Anna’s Hummingbird
$65 8×10

A - babies - 5x7Babies crying incessantly
In the form of cute lil quacks
Mom needs a break
Just let the quacklings play in the yard

Mallard Ducklings
$40 5×7

A - Owl - 4x6
His name is Rocky
Though he probably doesn’t know it

Burrowing Owl
$20 4×6

A - Bluebird - 5x7A dutiful father
Watches patiently
As the mother of his children
Does all the work

Western Bluebird
$40 5×7

A - Crow - 8x10Walking to the market
On his one day off.
Mr. Crow creates a mental shopping list:
Fresh loaf of crusty bread
A wedge of stinky cheese
A bottle of red wine (or two).
Tonight is going to be special!

American Crow
$65 8×10

A - Finch - 5x7Blessed be thy seed eating angel
Who hovers by our side
And sings so sweetly
May you find a tasty morsel
And avoid predation

House Finch
$40 5×7

A - phalarope - 12x12It’s important to self-reflect
Otherwise, you are a vampire.

Red Phalarope
$120 12×12

A - Meadowlark - 5x7Hey Kids!
Wanna make some questionable life choices?
Yeah, I thought so.
I’ll Help.

Western Meadowlark
$40 5×7

A - Heron - 8x10
My Ugliest Photo
Chosen to enhance the beauty
Of all of the others
Please don’t buy it
Get the Phalarope photo!
And follow me on instagram

Green Heron
$65 8×10

A - Owl - 12x16You come to the forest
To seek their wisdom
But they only respond
“Who cooks for you?”

Barred Owl
$120 12×16

A - Wren - 12x12
Hopped up on hormones
Belting birdsong through the forest
Shakin’ that booty
Ladies form a line

Pacific Wren
$120 12×12

A - Varied - 5x7Missed Connection: m4b
I was on a walk
You were sunning yourself in the grass
I smiled and took your photo
You posed and flew off
I think of you often
Coffee sometime?

Varied Thrush
$40 5×7

A - woodie - 12x16Duck modeling contracts
Usually include a rider
Dictating demands for day old bread

Wood Duck
$120 12×16

A - Grossbeak - 8x10Birds of the wizarding community
Secretly gathering materials
So they may cast spells from the treetops

Evening Grosbeak
$65 8×10

A - Pelican - 5x7
A young foolhardy trio

Earning a living as fishmongers
Though aspiring to something greater

Brown Pelican
$40 5×7

Texas Spring Break: End of Days


End of Days.
Maybe that is Dramatic.
But it was definitely my last few days worth of Photos.
I can’t believe it has been three weeks since I was last in Texas
almost all of my itches are going away.
As are my clear recollections of any events that may or may not have happened
All we have now are memories cobbled together with photos
But that is more than I really have of most things anyway
So at least we have the photos.

Pretty sure this is a sunrise
Or a sunset
Those are probably also some good birds
And definitely some palms
All that can be confirmed here is bird silhouette and palms.
This tree is a mighty fellow
It is probably still where we left it
I have GPS coordinates if anyone wants to see it in real life

Some kind of non-memorable butterfly name
Swallow-tail something something?
Memories are fuzzy
Lots of good lizards,
Convinced most of them were the same
Anole, Green Anole, Something Gecko,
I am pretty sure they changed colors based on your mood
It aint easy bein’ green
One of the more memorable birds
One of our target birds
And an easy bird to get anyone excited about South Texas
The Green Jay
I still am surprised that this is real
Portland needs more green birds. 20170326-_T9A4223

This is a hooded Oriole
It loves Sabal Palmetto
And to be fair, Sabal is one of best kinds of Palmetto
Very palmy
Portland could also use a few more Orioles.

20170326-_T9A4288Oh god!
Its coming right for us!
Regal Lawn Dart
Destroyer of Fishies
Royal Tern20170326-_T9A4301

South Padre Island
South Jetty
Good place for fishermen
Or if you just like to be with a giant crowd
Surrounded by water on 3 sides.
Needle nosed fish shape
Fun to catch,
For humans or Cormorants
But you gotta let it go bud
Eating it would be suicide!
International Port Towering in the skies
Fishermen living in the shadows
The future is here
But it isn’t evenly distributed

Black Skimmer
Gets by skimming off the top 1% 20170326-_T9A4445

Clapper Rail
But ever present
Well… In its range, at least. 20170326-_T9A4637

Ruddy Turnstone again
Body naturally off balance
Enjoys long walks on the beach20170326-_T9A4738

You just gotta expand your mind
See things from a different
Whatever Frank.
No Seriously.
I think I have it all figured out
We’ve been looking at it all wrong
Skimmer’s mostly don’t skim
They seem to mostly chill on the beach.
Black Chillers
I brought you this
I hope you like it
I picked it myself.
Sable Palm Sanctuary. 20170326-IMG_7499
Its a jungle in there20170326-IMG_7518
A beautiful Jungle20170326-IMG_7522

Some birds live here.

Photos are crazy Jumbled
As are my memories
Laughing gulls
And strutting humans
coexisting is all we can ask for20170326-IMG_7581Human Nature


Birds are just staring into the sun all the time
No hats
No sunglasses
Sometimes hiding in the shade
Must be reason for black around eyes
Oh great
Another beautiful little butterfly
This one has seen better days
Probably called queen something something
I don’t know.20170328-_T9A7667

One of my more memorable trip birds
White-eyed Vireo
Sings incessantly in the bushes
Almost always behind a branch
Like an optical illusion
No matter where you go you can’t get a clear view
This clear view
Obviously breaking the weird rule that I just created
Was the effort of 15 minutes of walking around the same bush
Trying for the perfect shot20170328-_T9A7708

Oh hello
I’ll be your Harris’s Hawk for the Trip
Look at those feet
Look at that bird
They’re all good birds
But this one is better.
Rufous Pants
Brown Jacket
Yellow Shoes
We stared longingly into each others eyes
For… maybe 2 minutes.
Trip highlight for sure. 20170328-_T9A7774

Mourning Doves
Apparently they are everywhere.
oh well, this one has Texas as a background.
Tropical Kingbird of Industry
Checking those fittings
Tightening those bolts
Catching those flies
Black Bellied Whistling Ducks
Family oriented
Enjoys public parks
Probably bread crumbs. 20170328-_T9A7888

Look at those stilts
also black neck
A bird normally found wading
Was searching for some shallow water
But only found a deep pond
Pretty sure I’m lost


A real grabable lizard
I have proof.
Available on request.

I miss you
I would like to visit
I wish I had the energy
Or capacity
To write more about you
When you were fresher in my mind
But I have new adventures to go on20170328-IMG_7768
Birds are on the move
Spring is here
Oregon may not have your incredible diversity
But it still has some really good birds
I’ll prove it.