White-eyed Vireo Postcard

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I’m falling in love with the pay-what-you-can model of ecommerce.  I’m not big on capitalism, but I also live in a society… So I’m selling bird stuff as I spread my love for birds.  I want everyone to have bird art, especially my favorite bird photo from my Florida trip.  It just captures how secretive this beautiful little vireo is so well.  It loves to hide in the shadows of the dense scrub!

I want people to get excited about the critters in their neighborhood despite their income. So I’m not going to set a fixed price for this.

If you want me to mail you a postcard, just pay for shipping.  I don’t think there should be more of a barrier to entry than the $1.11 that comes with shipping/handling. In full transparency, each postcard cost me 24 cents, its 40 cents for a stamp, and credit card fees are about 31 cents.  If you want to support me as I write my second book, travel to take photos of more birds and try to get more people into birdwatching, pay what that is worth to you.

If you order just the one postcard I’m going to mail it as a postcard.  If you order multiples, I’ll mail them bundled in envelope.  If you want me to mail it to someone else or have special instructions, just make a note in the checkout screen and I’ll do my best to accommodate.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your support.

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These glossy postcards are 4″x6″ and printed on a thick 16pt cardstock. Oooolala!
The backs are formatted giving you a general idea of where you should write text & addresses.
The back will remind you the name of the bird on the front.  Useful!

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Weight 1 oz

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