Rio Grande Valley – Photo Diary Day 1


The Fastest way to get to Texas was by spaceship.


Prickly Pear were flowering and fruiting
Note to self:  Don’t just grab a ripe looking Prickly Pear fruit.
It might not look like it has tiny spines, but it does.
Also, don’t just take a bite out of it raw, because, you know, the spines
Spines in your tongue and lips leave a longer reminder than taste does.
4/5 would try slightly differently next time.


This butterfly made me legitimately angry
Angry of how easy it was to take a photo of
How cooperative it was.
It was the first little animal I saw in the yard

Am I missing obvious beauty in Oregon
Or does Texas have something we don’t?


Black Crested Titmouse was surprisingly loud
It came to greet us when we arrived at the Airbnb
Look!  Look at me!
Welcome to Texas!


The orange eye on this curved-bill Thrasher
Looks like a delicious candy
Rio Grande Birding was hard to adjust to
The birds were so loud
but the thicket was so thick
This guy was right on top of me and I couldn’t find him


Ducks on a Log
Sounds like a tasty kid snack
I’ll get to work in my test kitchen
Hey kids?  Ready for a bird test?
Northern Shoveler, Mottled Duck, Blue Wing teal, and Green Wing teal.
Missing anything?


Shake that booty
Lesser Yellow Legs can’t resist the urge to dance


Cinnamon Teal and Little Blue Heron
They said we were an abomination
but our love knows no bounds
Species, size, interests, none of this matters
We love being in each others presence


Everything was beautiful.
Even this dumb flower


Couch’s Kingbird
He’s got a good head on his shoulders
In fact, he seems to be mostly head
They say the camera add 10 pounds
It is weirdly allocated in this situation


Estero Llano Grande State Park did not disappoint
Bird Highway Trail
Speed Limit: 80
Birds Seen: 45


Plain Chachalaca
Huge Bird/Dinosaur
Moves invisibly, unless out in the open
Sneaks up on you
Intermitant Screaming


We are in tick/chigger/giant spider country
I itch every time I look at this photo
Tick found: 1
Chiggers found: Me
Still itchy


Turtle Time:
Left to Right, Top To bottom:
Red-eared Slider
Texas River Cooter
Spiny Softshell


Turtle names are little self contained jokes


Least Grebe
Cutest little Grebe
Another bird in the Yellow-candy-eye-club
Or maybe I’m Just hungry


My Bird Crew rolling deep
On the look out for some invisible birds.


You can play along too
There is a bird here
It is called a Common Paraque
Not so common to Me
Here is a hint:
Hiding in bottom Right quadrant


Here is a closeup.
These guys are nap-masters
But they stay up late partying
So I guess it makes sense they are so good at sleeping
Even with all of us birders watching


Golden-Fronted Woodpecker
Fill an interesting ubiquitous bird niche
They seem to be everywhere
but only as a pair
Texas’s Song Sparrow is a Woodpecker
How lucky is that?


Feathers Blowing in the Wind
Lores painted in Green
Great Egret is ready for date night


Roseate Spoonbill
Providing the landscape with a splash of pink
A goofy wading bird
Goofy and beautiful
Its an endearing mix of characteristics


I think this is an Anole
I don’t know about lizards
But I know I like them.


Buff Bellied Hummingbird
Lounging in the Shade
The sun is hot
Time for a well deserved break
You work too hard lil guy.


One of my dream birds
And my dreams have come true
I made the group pull over so we could bask in their coolness
Scissor-tail flycatcher

If running with scissors is dangerous
Flying with them is deadly
If you are an insect


The first day was more than I could have hoped for
I was lucky to be able to go.
Really lucky.

Not tired of me yet?
Check out Day 2

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  2. OMG! Darling you are so talented! Wow! I had no idea! Your blog is so good. I love the way you describe the day and each bird and it mannerisms. I was laughing so hard. You have such a delightful way of telling your story. I’ll probably read it several times like a favorite good book. And I scrolled through all your pictures finally. Holy cow!!! What a beautiful collection! So glad we got connected! ♡

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